Gabriel Wahila

Director | Development


Balance Ambassador

Fresh Food Culture

Happy People

Happiness is contagious! The energy we put into our produce is the start to saving the world.


Happy Plants

Our aeroponic growing technology allows our plants to reach their full DNA potential, making for some of the happiest plants on earth.


Happy Chefs

No one knows ingredients better than chefs. Supplying them with the most nutritious, flavorful produce will put a smile on any chef.


Happy World

Providing the world with locally sourced produce using a limited amount of resources will make any mother proud. Especially Mother Nature!


Our FRESH FOOD CULTURE is driven by the pursuit of happiness in all that we do!


The Mission of our Fresh Culture is to create a work environment (and world) filled with HAPPY PEOPLE and HAPPY PLANTS! Urban Seed is dedicated to the daily practice of our 5 core values (Growth, Energy, Fun, Balance, Accountability) and the personal growth of each "Seedling" on the team. Our high performing "Seedlings" and teams all have a few things in common: they practice modeling positive accountability, they focus on turning issues or problems into solutions, and they have a passion for changing the way the world is fed.

Want to become our next Seedling?
Check out the Open Positions below and NOTE: We take hiring seriously at Urban Seed and hope you will too! The most successful candidates put ample time into updating their resumes and drafting a compelling cover letter. We can’t respond to every candidate, but will do our best to run a thorough process for qualified candidates.

Open Positions