Founder of TC Treats and The Traveling Culinarist

Chef Vaughn D. Trannon was born in Detroit, Michigan. He was raised by his maternal grandparents, who were first to introduce him to the delights of food and cooking at a very young age. After years of traveling as a private chef, Vaughn created a line of luggage for the culinary professionals. Vaughn’s new line, The Traveling Culinarist, is the next chapter for this unstoppable chef. The high-end luggage collection for chefs has already received much praise and accolades by his peers in the industry. In addition, he has started a company in Las Vegas called TC Treats. TC Treats is a contract confectionary company focused on selling sweet and delicious treats wholesale to larger companies locally. His products are sold in Casino Hotels on The Strip in Las Vegas. Today, Vaughn balances his efforts between serving his private clients, Trannon Culinary, and TC Treats.