Urban Seed Brings a Different Kind of Farming to the Desert

Q Vegas Staff
August 1, 2016

Sustainable indoor-farming company Urban Seed is set to launch in Las Vegas with the goal of providing high-quality hydroponic produce in the desert and beyond. Using proprietary farming technology to create non-GMO and pesticide-free produce, Urban Seed will utilize vertical integration to reduce the carbon footprint of Las Vegas’ lauded culinary community through a premier location and with a battle cry of #VegasSavesTheWorld.

“We are a homegrown disruptive technology that is setting the tone for the future of farming,” says Vice President Rachel Wenman. “We are creating a positive impact through fresh food, job creation, and education to strengthen communities and the environment.”

Set to become the premier supplier of locally grown, low-carbon impact fruits, vegetables, and micro greens in the Las Vegas valley, Urban Seed harnesses innovative technology and processes with modular, easily expandable structures that provide opportunities for unlimited growth.

Following the initial facility located just steps from the Las Vegas Strip; Urban Seed will plan and design more than 100 additional facilities in the next five years with the goal of providing truly local produce to the entire valley and to other markets respectively. Each greenhouse will cover approximately 6,400 square feet, with eight greenhouses at the first location as well as offices, a production facility, and event space.