A Localized Food System

The Urban Seed Difference

Design + Engineer Proprietary Technology

Urban Seed have designed and engineered the entire growing system. Our experience in developing different plastics allows us to create reusable materials for commercial use. This helps keep our capital cost at a minimum which creates a high ROI. The Urban Seed business model is as sustainable as the food we grow.

University Engagement

Urban Seed is collaborating with some of the top researchers in their field at UNLV and Nevada State College. Sustainable agriculture is a top tier priority for Nevada and we have been working with a wide variety of professors from Education and Public Health Science to Engineering.

True Vertical Farming

Urban Seed grows on an A-Frame design, unlike most vertical farms that use a horizontal stacking method. This allows us to gain the most out of every square foot while making the produce accesible for our growers without heavy machinery.

Community Engagement

Food is a common unity that brings people together creating a community. Urban Seed understands that if we work together with the community we can create real positive change. We are determined to grow sustainable, resilient communities by providing access to locally grown food.

LED Technology

Urban Seed is more than just growing food. We are a technology company at heart that is always innovating for the entire food supply chain. We created an LED light that has a customizable light recipe and adjustable emission rate. This system yields the best plant growth with minimal lighting costs.

Continuous Harvesting

When you are in season all year you need to be continuously harvesting. At Urban Seed we have a world class seeding schedule that ensures we will have the freshest produce for our clients everyday.

Locally Funded

Urban Seed is a homegrown urban farming company that has brought community leaders together for one common goal: A local food supply chain for the Las Vegas Valley.

Happiest Plants on Earth

Urban Seed takes it back to the true fundamentals of growing. Seed. Water. Nutrition. With these three components in a controlled environment we are able to reach the plants full DNA potential making for some of the happiest plants on earth.
                                               Happy Plants = Happy People

Closed Loop Aeroponic System

How do we save more than 90% less water than traditional farming and 40% more than hydroponics? Create a closed loop system! That means all of the water that goes through our system is recollected, filtered and distributed. The only water that we do not capture the plants do.

Proprietary Blend of Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrients

Nutrition is everything and we want to feed our plants the best nutrition possible. Not only do we use pharmaceutical grade blends, but Urban Seed has a proprietary nutrient blend based on each different plant variety.

                                             Not all plants are treated equally!

Rapid-Build Grow Structures

Quickly-deployed Sprung structures in place of traditional greenhouses will eliminate seasonal environmental variables and reduce initial capital costs. A perfect template for urban agriculture!

Las Vegas Hospitality Industry

Urban Seed has deep roots with the hospitality groups that dominate the strip. Having buyers with large consistent orders allows our business to scale and feed the need for fresh produce.